Diagnosketch uses simplified images to illustrate complicated anatomy and concepts. The title, Diagnosketch combines the term ‘diagnosis,’ with the term, ‘sketch,’ paralleling the way the book combines a medical diagnosis with a simplified sketch. It includes common pathologies seen in an acute care setting: kidney stones, diverticulitis, back pain, gallstones, ovarian cysts, arthritis, and more. The 100+ images include diagnostic images, procedural images, and concept images. They convey complicated medical concepts quickly and simply.

Many patients are unfamiliar with human anatomy and common medical diagnoses. Research from the US Department of Education estimates that only 12 % of English-speaking adults in the US have proficient health literacy skills.  Studies indicate that almost 90% of adults have difficulty understanding health information that is currently available. These patients are often unequipped to make important decisions about their own health care. 

Diagnosketch relies on the concept of ‘picture superiority effect.’ Picture superiority effect states that HEARING information will lead to 10% retention of the content, but HEARING and SEEING information leads to 65% retention of content. Diagnosketch not only explains difficult concepts to patients but also helps patients remember them. Whether you are a physician who is trying to explain to your patient a complicated medical diagnosis, or a nurse who is trying to calm a scared child before a procedure, Diagnosketch is the go-to resource for simple, quick, clear explanations.

A few things to remember about the images…..


Geared for the patient’s understanding
(health literacy is at 2nd-3rd grade level)
Geared for the medical professional

(for clinical relevance)
Realistic and drawn to scale


Meant to be understood in 2-3 minutes
at the bedside
Meant for detailed, sit down and study
at a desk

Based on questions patients really ask
Comprehensive to cover all
aspects of a disease process

What a patient needs to know

Extraneous information

Diagnosketch serves as the visual guide that medical professionals use with every patient at the bedside. Excellent medical care involves diagnosing and treating disease, but just as importantly, communicating well with patients. Diagnosketch helps achieve this goal.

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