My Life

2018, oil on canvas, 24 x 36″. Published in Intima: a Journal of Narrative Medicine

The Emergency Medicine physician spends her days in a whirlwind of fast-paced, emotionally draining, and unpredictable activity. To deal with the stress, she must approach each shift in a calm and methodical way. The painting depicts a scene in a peaceful pottery studio. Instead of ‘repairing’ vases, the physician ‘repairs’ medical emergencies. The piece of pottery that is currently on the wheel has several emergencies: a pneumothorax, a splenic rupture, a volvulus, and a nosebleed. Although these are life-threatening problems, she stays calm and focused and adeptly fixes each problem simultaneously. The shelves are lined with scores of other vases, each with their own medical emergencies, all waiting their turn to be ‘repaired.’ However cramped in the small space, she is clearly in the zone, completely competent and content.

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